Hi YogaRuka!

I’m Morgan Carter, and I’m thrilled to
apply for your Strong & Steady Flow job.


🏋️‍♂️Cross-training & HIIT

🙆‍♂️Mobility & Stretch


🌏Russell Lea, NSW

Morgan was a fairly unathletic child who found his way into a gym at age 20, where finally he thrived in a non-competitive environment. However, being unconditioned, he quickly collected some injuries. He turned to yoga, and then other methodologies like Stretch Therapy and Fighting Monkey, which not only rehabbed his injuries, but to his surprise turned him into someone “athletic”. His classes are a mix of everything he’s ever tried, as he believes variability is the key to good health and good movement.


  • Fighting Monkey Intensive
    October 2018
  • Stretch Therapy Workshops × 3
    June 2017–April 2018
  • Mentorship with Rua Hvitulv of YogaRuka
    April 2019–May 2020
  • 200hr TT at Shiva Tattva in Rishikesh, India
    June–July 2015

Work Experience

  • YogaRuka

    Mobility and Yoga Instructor

    October 2018–Present


  • Fighting Monkey
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Yoga
  • HIIT


  • Russell Lea, NSW