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Bolstr has launched!

8 February 2020

Bolstr has launched!

It’s been... not that long a journey actually, since we started building Bolstr in December.

But as of Thursday, 6 February, Bolstr is live to the world.

We have a ton of new features on the way, but I want to showcase a few right now.

Profile Videos

Our goal with Bolstr is for every teacher to have their own profile video to explain not only what they do, as well as why and how. If you’re wanting your profile video recorded, you can come down to the YogaRuka studio in Drummoyne and we’ll film it together. Just follow this link and pick a time that suits you.

Job Applications

Anyone—teacher or studio—can post a job. Jobs can be recurring, weekly jobs, or can be one-offs for covers and events.

Once you’ve posted a job, you can simply wait and let the teachers apply to you. Alternatively, if you’re feeling proactive, you can request specific teachers for your job.

What’s next?

We’re currently filming videos and onboarding teachers—again, if that sounds like you, simply follow this link and let’s get started.

We’re also beginning to talk to studios in the Sydney area. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more about the future of Bolstr, you can email me directly at morgan@bolstr.app.

We’ll be launching new features as fast as we can, so watch this space for more updates.


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