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Bolstr connects studios and gyms with health and fitness instructors

🏋️‍♂️Fitness & HIIT
💪Personal Trainer
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Visual Resumes

CVs are so 2019. Bolstr Visual Resumes have videos, images, qualifications, work experience, and more.

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Daily Job Listings

Studios post jobs for free. Get the latest jobs in your inbox—instantly, daily, or weekly. No more trawling Facebook groups.

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Host Your Website

Choose from beautiful, themes, pick a domain name, and link to your online offerings.

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I landed a corporate gig in the first week. The platform works.

Video applications are more effective than resumes.

  • Personalised to the company and job
  • Intro video showing your personality
  • Verified reviews and references
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  • Insurance and first aid qualifications

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Latest Jobs Email

I’m so grateful for this amazing platform to connect teachers and studios. Other than social media, there’s no platform in the yoga industry. This is what we needed!

The latest jobs in health and fitness, in your inbox.

  • Choose to get updated twice daily, daily, or weekly
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  • See only the jobs you’re interested in
  • No more trawling Facebook groups and job boards
  • Advertise your upcoming events, workshops and teacher trainings
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Beautiful Website

Bolstr really lets me express my unique style and personality!

Get online with a beautiful, customisable website.

  • Your own website
  • Custom domain name
  • Beautiful, customisable themes
  • Link to your social media and online classes
  • No design or development experience required
  • Cheaper than Squarespace and Wix—put together!

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