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Gyms and Studios open June 13!

2 June 2020

Gyms and Studios open June 13!

Yesterday came some exciting news: gyms and studios will be reopening across NSW on June 13. That's next Saturday!! There will still be some restrictions: class sizes in studios will be capped at 10 people, while large gyms will be allowed up to 100 people. But we're starting to get back to normal.

As restrictions start to ease, more and more jobs are being listed. There were 10 jobs listed on Bolstr last week!

We're already seeing loads of you using our new Personalised Applications feature to stand out when applying for jobs. And although Personalised Applications will still work with an incomplete teacher profile, it'll look the most impressive if you've taken the time to flesh it out.

We also have some new features!

Email Notifications

With so many new jobs being posted on Bolstr, we didn't want to spam your inbox. From now on, you'll only get email notifications for jobs in your skillset. You can also disable email notifications entirely. In the near future, we'll provide options for a daily or weekly summary as well.

Easier Job Posting

Previously, you had to go through quite an extended process to post a job to Bolstr. You had to create an account, register your studio and build it's profile, and only then you'd be able to post a job. It took about 15 minutes.

Now, you can post a job in about 2 minutes, without creating an account, all on the one page. Very exciting. We're sure this will result in even more jobs being listed on Bolstr.

That's all for now! We'll be back in your inbox soon with some more updates. See you in class!



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