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Teacher Profile Improvements!

8 June 2020

Teacher Profile Improvements!

Are you all ready to open this Saturday? Studios and gyms certainly are ready: there were 14 jobs listed on Bolstr in the last week!

As promised, we’ve been working on building out teacher profiles so you can show everything you need to to convince someone you’re right for the job.

Work Experience

You can now add your past and present work experience, along with dates, to your profile. These connect directly to the studio profile pages on Bolstr, so anyone wanting to know more about your experience can easily find each studios’ website, locations, and more.

Click here to add your work experience.

Qualifications Improvements

We’ve also added some more details to our qualifications. Previously, you could only add the name of your qualification, and say whether or not you had insurance, first aid, or CPR training.

Now, you can add dates and upload photos/screenshots of your certificates. This means no more emailing back and forth proof of your insurance—it’s right there on your profile.

Click here to add dates and certificates to your qualifications.

All of these improvements will be visible on your Personalised Application, so your job applications will be even more effective.

That's all for now! We'll be back soon with more updates.



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