🌏Petersham, New South Wales

Yin-Yoga-enthusiast dedicated to sharing the joy, transformation, and healing potential of yoga... 🌻 Journey with me on a deep exploration through the body, releasing energetic and emotional blockages. Together we cultivate acceptance, awareness, and deep rest. 🙏 Incorporating mindfulness meditation and light breathwork, I focus on holding a space that is attentive to the experience of each individual student, with compassion and nurture. 🌙 Integral to my approach, is empowering students to tune in and honour their own unique needs from one moment to the next, inviting them to make use of props, and truly enter into the soft, slow energy of Yin. Love to hear from anyone interested in working together. Come yin with me ✨

  • Insurance
  • First Aid
    Completed in the last 3 years
  • CPR
    Completed in the last 12 months


  • Yin Level 2 YTT 65hr, Power Living, Sydney
  • Yin YTT 50hr, Sarah Owen, Sydney
  • YTT 200hr, Conscious Yoga Academy, Greece


  • Hardcore-Journaller 📚
  • Photography-Dabbler 🎥
  • Travel-Enthusiast 🚀
  • Dance-Medicine-Advocate 💃
  • Avid-Singer ⭐️
  • Astrology-Nerd 🔮
  • Music-conoisseur 💿


  • Petersham, New South Wales